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Not really sure

It's taken me a long time to decide whether to dip my toe into blogland. As the title suggests, I'm still not really sure about it.

Why blog? My memory is appalling. Truly. I struggle to remember what I did last week. And I need to remember more things that are going on, so I figured perhaps this might help.

A bit about me, I guess. I live in Buckinghamshire with R and a small black dog called Maisie.

Maisie-dotes She comes with me on an adventure every day.

I love to read. I'm an intermittent gardener. I like yoga and I've been going to a local class once a week for the past 10 years or more. I'm less bendy than the previous sentence would imply. I also like to knit. (I suspect that a bunch of people who may randomly bump into this blog on their web-wanderings will scuttle off after that admission. ha.) I've made a lot of new friends since I started knitting a couple of years ago and this pleases me greatly, especially as all my other friends look at me with a mixture of pity and disbelief since I took up playing with pointy sticks and woolly stuff.

Socks. In Posh Yarn Martha. Nicked by my sis as soon as they were done!I'm self-employed in Desk-Top Publishing (book and magazine production, sub-editing, proof-reading, print-buying, layouts, a certain amount of graphic design) with the odd bit of website design and management. Lately I've been incredibly happy to be involved with helping Jeni at Fyberspates to produce a new book of knitting patterns for her yummy Scrumptious yarn range. It's been a joy to work with her as well as the inimitable Jen A-C who is a total knitting tech-ed hero and the marvellous Joli House team of Amanda and Lily who photographed, modelled and created mittens for the book.

The Scrumptious CollectionOne of the reasons I've started a blog is that in September 2007 we bought a very dilapidated cottage in Porlock, a small town on the Somerset coast, in the Exmoor National Park. It was built in the 1950s using asbestos concrete boards and has become so derelict that it needs to be demolished. This wasn't a surprise to us - we bought it knowing this. It's in a really lovely spot, and has a good size garden. For various reasons all we've managed to do so far is clear the garden of undergrowth and weeds and do lots of thinking about the sort of house we'd like to build to replace the cottage. There are a number of limitations as the site is in the National Park but that's OK (ha, that's what I say now) we knew this too when we bought it. The blog is hopefully going to help me to keep track of when we go there, what we do and what tasks need to be followed up when we come home afterwards. Oh and there'll hopefully be a page of links to useful and inspirational websites that I find on my own web-wanderings. (I'll put some photos of the existing hut up in the next post.)

In between the Porlock stuff I'll probably waffle on randomly about other stuff - knitting and warbling on about wool will quite possibly account for much of this. So will photos of Maisie-dog and the garden. You've been warned!


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