Friday, January 31, 2014 at 8:46PM

While chatting to Kate a few months ago, I happened to mention that I have an ickle hot water bottle that is very comforting without being quite as hefty and awkward as a full-size one.

errr, no, I'm not entirely sure how that came up in conversation. (I also ended up trying to remember the worst joke I've ever heard, and having to be rescued by R, who's memory for awful puns is second to none. The punchline of the joke is "WhataboutawaterbottleWaddle?" No, you really, really don't want to know the rest of it. It's truly dreadful and at least 20 years old.)

Anyhow. The upshot of the conversation was that Kate created the Toatie Hottie hot water bottle cosy kit. And sent me one in the Indigo colour option, because she's lovely and I'm a spoilt brat.

I finished knitting it this week - the kit includes two skeins of J&S Shetland Heritage yarn. It's a lovely worsted spun yarn which makes it really really soft and incredibly warm (incredibly - my hands warmed up noticeably while I was weaving in the ends!).

Toatie HottieOh, didn't I mention the pompoms? :D I appear to have made extra large pompoms compared with the original, but I think that probably bigger is always better as far as pompoms are concerned.

I loved knitting this project - fair isle is so much fun to work on and, as always, Toatie Hottie is a lovely design.

What's next? Divelish Mittens to go with my hat. However, I do have the cast on itchi-coos and I suspect I may have cast on at least one more project before the end of the weekend...


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