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Divelishly fun

I'm so happy to have been asked to join in the blog tour for Fyberspates Jeni Hewlett's latest collection of designs - The Scrumptious Collection Volume 3. (I'm a little bit surprised too, looking at the date of my previous blog entry - oops! Hopefully this will be the push that I need to be a little bit more regular in my blogging habits.)

Click the photo to go through to the Fyberspates shop.

The book contains 13 most excellent knitwear designs, from some of the best designers in the UK, all photographed by the fabulous Jesse Wild (who holds copyright on the images).

All the designs, from the back cover

My part in the book's story is that Jeni once again asked me to do the book layout and design - as I did for the previous two adult Collections and the Scrumptious Baby Collection. My reaction, as always, was to squee loudly at her on Skype. Cool and professional, that's me.

This meant that I was lucky enough to be involved with the book from the very beginning right through to the point when the books were printed and sent for delivery to Jeni's warehouse - it's very satisfying to see a project from concept right through to holding the physical printed pages in my hand.

To begin with, Team Fyberspates sat down with many cups of tea and notepads to set a schedule for commissioning the designs, photography and publication. Once the patterns were written and the samples knitted up, I got to be properly hands-on - helping with the styling and photoshoots. The photos for this book were taken over two very (VERY) cold and windy February days at the English seaside in Lyme Regis, as well as a far cosier day spent in a beautiful house in Frome (thanks again to Pepita, both for the hospitality and the interior design inspiration!).

For the first time my sometime partner-in-crime Jen AC and I, managed to coerce Jeni to be one of the models (the other being the equally gorgeous Caroline White @diamondmagpie). They both did a totally stellar job. I thought I'd share a few outtakes from the shoot:


Keeping warm - it was a bit parky!Cosy - Rachel Coopey and Ashley Knowlton doing some last-minute knitting for CoopKnits SocksA rare glimpse of Jesse doing his thing.Once the tech editor (duties taken on this time around by Ashley Knowlton) is done with the pattern grading and checking, it's time for me to crack on with the book design and layout, edit all those gorgeous photos, and generally spend way too much time planning what I'm going to knit from the book and wishing that I could just KNIT ALL THE THINGS. Oh, and for this book, I take responsibility for the pattern names (they are all rivers or streams located along the English South Coast) - I actually love finding names for patterns, but don't tell anyone I said that!

The design that I was powerless to resist from this book (following my sneaky cast-ons of both Northmavine from Kate Davies' Colours of Shetland and Paignton from CoopKnits Socks) was, I have to admit, Rachel Coopey's Divelish Hat. It's a striking colourwork pattern - the sample in the book is knitted in Scrumptious 4ply in Slate and Natural (I used Dandelion and Burdock, deepest darkest purple, alongside a hand-painted skein of Posh Yarn Sadie Sock). I have to say that the Divelish Hat and Mittens samples are some of the most beautifully knitted items that I've ever seen. Just glorious.

Image courtesy of Jesse Wildah, yes, my OH's photography skills aren't quite up to Jesse's standards! And my knitting doesn't match the glory of the sample either.I really had to stop myself from immediately casting on the super-duper Iwerne cardigan, designed by Kyoko Nakayoshi in Slate Scrumptious DK - otherwise the book would never have been finished!

The book really is chock-full of gorgeous patterns - sweaters like the lovely retro style Hamble by Lien Ngo:

Or how about the chunky and very PURPLE Larigan cowl neck, from Amanda Crawford, guaranteed to keep you snug and stylish?

There are plenty of accessories too - from the complex and very beautiful Loveny mantle in gorgeous Wine Gum Scrumptious Lace, designed by Judy Furlong

to the cosy Scrumptious Aran hat and cowl set, Kenwyn, by Rachel Coopey:

There are so many more wonderful designs in this book, and they truly are all utterly lovely - honestly it's impossible to choose which to show here.

Tell you what - head over to the book's Ravelry page to see all of the designs, along with lots of info about yarn weight/quantity and all that jazz. Volume 3 is available as a printed book or as an ebook, both priced £12. If you purchase the printed book from the Fyberspates online store, just include your Ravelry name and Jeni will gift you the ebook. There is also a passcode (details are on p55 of the print book), if you purchase it from elsewhere - just email Jeni with the code and she'll sort you out.

Please do follow along the rest of the blog tour - the talented and funny Belinda Boaden, of TrueBritKnits, has already written about her design process for the fabulously wearable (and GREEN) Rosemorran Cardigan.

Celtic Cast On has reviewed the patterns far more thoroughly than I appear to have done, plus she has a giveaway - all you have to do is tell her what Scrumptious yarn and pattern you want to knit most from Vol 3 to get a chance to win your own copy.

Today there are also reviews from Platinum Knits and Inspiration Knits and I plan to head across to read them as soon as I finish blethering on here!

Carol Feller (stolenstitches) will be posting her thoughts on 26th January, as will Ashley Knowlton, who did a super tech-editing job, and the Knitgirllls will give us a mention on their podcast.

On 28th January, Rachel Coopey and Jen AC will both give us their stories, followed by Stitched Together, Kyoko Nakayoshi (cotton and cloud) and A Playful Day on 30th January.

Phew, if you're still with me, I think you deserve a cuppa. As do I.

Till next time. ;)


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